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Body Contouring or Sculpting- Reason & Techniques

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Does your silhouette embarrass you and do tend to avoid mirrors? Would you like to wear a pretty dress or bikini that is skimpy but you do not dare? You are uncomfortable with your body, and you want to eliminate those small imperfections that ruin your life? It may be time for you to consider body remodeling or liposculpture.

 Healthy eating and a lot of physical activity are not always enough to correct the vagaries of your body. Age, sun, overweight, pollution, etc. are all factors that can lead to physical changes. Fortunately, several more or less invasive solutions exist to restructure your body and make your complexes disappear. You can also consult the doctor as soon as you get to know about the symptoms and booking an appointment online with available 1mg Coupons.

Why Do Body Sculpting?

Body remodeling improves the aesthetic appearance of the body and the tone of the skin. The areas that are most targeted are the buttocks, chest, hips, thighs, arms, etc. Whether to eliminate your saddlebags, your love handles or all unsightly bulges, solutions are always possible.

Following a pregnancy or weight loss, your skin (breast or belly) may have become loose and flabby, and you want to regain a firmer and younger look. You are the ideal candidate for a body sculpting or remodeling. Adult men or women may consider various cosmetic treatments that are there at the disposal of anyone. However, before anything else, it is imperative to set specific goals. Is it a simple change or a real transformation operation?

An act of cosmetic surgery will often be more effective and durable in time than treatment without surgery. On the other hand, the cost and the risks are also higher than for a non-invasive solution.

Various body sculpting techniques.

There is a wide variety of practices according to everyone’s needs. In non-invasive treatment, we find –

  • liposuction without surgery (using cold or heat to melt fats known as CoolSculpt/Endymed)
  • ultrasound and radiofrequency (to reduce cellulite and melt fat known as Med Contour)
  • dermatological laser (to treat cellulite)
  • Injections of hyaluronic acid, collagen or Botox fillers (to rejuvenate hands or décolleté for example)

As for cosmetic surgery, the main operations are –

  • Breast augmentation, breast reduction, and breast lift
  • abdominoplasty (to tighten the skin of the belly or the abdominal muscles)
  • lipofilling
  • liposuction or liposculpture
  • implants for the breasts.

How to do it.

Many clinics offer sculpting treatments. Nevertheless, this restructuring of the body must be perfectly done as it can lead to complications.

Sculpting the various body parts –


If you have arms that are stubbornly fat and not responding to diet and exercise using CoolSculpting can cool down the adipose tissue to below zero and kill it off permanently. It is beneficial for getting rid of subcutaneous fat. However, there has to be enough fat so that one can pinch or about a fourth of an inch thick. If it is any less, there is a danger of killing the underlying muscle tissues. Cryolipolysis uses cooling down as a way to treat fat and flush it out. It is common to find a bump of dead cells in the area after the treatment is over. However, massage for a few days will see it being dissolved and carried away much like a bruise. It is not very painful, and one can return to normal life the very next day.


Far less invasive than using liposuction Med Contour uses ultrasound waves to break down lipid in cells and make the fat dissolve. The waist is a natural choice because the probes are ideally suited to match its contours. Much in same way that ultrasounds dissolve kidney stones Med Contour causes adipose tissue to disintegrate. It, of course, has to be followed by a few session of massage. This allows the dissolved particles of fat to be absorbed by the lymphatic system which transports them away. It is ultimately metabolized by the liver. It is permanent and painless.


To completely transform the shape of the butt would require a butt lift however there is a far less invasive method which can be used. Endymed has become a very useful tool to tone down one’s plump back. Heat energy is directed at the fat under the skin. It causes the fat cells to collapse and be replaced by collagen. This results in a firm and tight derriere after some weeks.


Everyone who has sagging breasts wants to see them fight gravity. For those who do not wish to opt for implants, there is a way through laser therapy. Candela Gentle Rose Toning Laser heats the subcutaneous tissue causing more collagen to build up for a firm breast.


It responds best to treatments such as sculpture which uses radiation therapy to reshape the fat and redistribute it. A practical and very painless way to lose the love handles it is far easier than liposuction which can leave ugly scars that take time to heal. You can also choose to visit the doctor and also can complete body diagnosis by booking lab test online with available Netmeds Coupons today.


Using laser, heat or cold it is possible to give your body a new look by using non-invasive methods. However, at all times, it must be done with the assistance of a trained professional. You may be subject to contradictory opinions, whether to use a surgical method or not. It is therefore essential to have a complete medical check-up by a doctor or a cosmetic surgeon. Your healthcare professional will study with you your objectives and will suggest the methods adapted to your needs. A body remodeling or liposculpture is not trivial. Your practitioner needs to be an expert in this field and have specific training. Therefore, you will avoid the complications that such an operation can cause if it is not well conducted.

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