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Garcinia Cambogia: A Good Weight Loss Supplement

The Malabar tamarind with the scientific name of Garcinia Cambogia is grown in Southwest Asia, Myanmar, and Indonesia. It contains hydroxycitric acid which is a very active ingredient that is found in this food supplement.

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A Good Weight Loss Supplement

The Malabar tamarind with the scientific name of Garcinia Cambogia is grown in Southwest Asia, Myanmar, and Indonesia.  It contains hydroxycitric acid which is a very active ingredient that is found in this food supplement. It resembles a pumpkin but has the size of an orange.

Studies have shown that this stops the production of enzymes that can turn fat into sugar. This is also associated with positive effects such as improved concentration level, improved blood sugar levels, improved physical activities, reduced joint pains, and improved bowel movements.  However, the results are very much mixed. Some results also say that it does not work at all too much.

It was reported by FDA in 2009 that it has received cases of side effects such as severe liver damage.  It can also create problems for people suffering from Alzheimer and dementia.

Let us discuss some of the usual benefits of taking this supplement in details:

Garcinia Cambogia Benefits

Weight loss

It is said that this supplement stops the creation of enzymes called adenosine triphosphate-citrate-lyase, which might lead to the formation of fat cells. However, studies have also shown that there is not much difference in weight loss when compared to control groups. Therefore if you are relying just on this supplement for weight loss leaving the rest, then you might be very much disappointed. Researchers also informed that a number of studies done on Garcinia have been done on animals and very less on humans.  Therefore it may actually work out or it may as well not.

Lowers Appetite

It has been found out that Garcinia helps the person feel satiated throughout the day and supports in weight loss.  Studies have shown that the presence of HCA can really lower appetite by increasing the level of serotonin which is known to create happy and calm emotions and reduce cravings for comfort foods. It is also said that garcinia increases athletic performance by increasing the endurance level of the person which would not make the person feel exhausted and hence would lower appetite.

Lower cholesterol levels

It is said that garcinia helps in improving cholesterol levels and also reduces high triglyceride levels.  It also helps in raising “good cholesterol”.  However, these studies have not been proven and the results of such studies are inconsistent.

Stabilize blood sugar levels

It is said that Garcinia cambogia can improve blood sugar level through improving the manner in which cells can take glucose in order to be used for energy. It also helps the body to respond to insulin in a better way. Studies of the effects of GC and their effects on blood sugar levels have been done on rodents and the results have been positive. However, more studies have to be done to make sure that it works. GC should not be taken by patients who have diabetes since it might badly affect their medication and also make the blood sugar levels drop to very low levels.

Having discussed the positive effects of taking Garcinia, let us now discuss the risks associated with it.


The potency of this supplement may vary according to brands. Manufacturers can surely include a lot of fillers in it which might reduce its potency. Therefore be very careful while buying it from any manufacturer. Read reviews and consult a medical health practitioner while choosing a brand.

Side effects

 A lot of other side effects may ensue such as weakness, fatigue, confusion, cold/cough, digestive problems skin rashes, lower blood sugar level.

GC can interact negatively with diabetic medications and insulin, iron supplements, pain medications, psychiatric medications such as anxiety and depression pills, asthma-related medications, painkillers and specifically medicines related to pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Restlessness and insomnia are also a side effect of taking this supplement.

This supplement would also not work very well with patients with dementia and Alzheimer disorders.

An important side effect of this supplement is the development of delusions. It has been found that people with no previous history of psychiatric disorders have developed serious delusions such as religious delusions. Some patients have also developed paranoia and severe bouts of emotional outbursts.


According to various sources, the dosage of these supplements is not very much known.  The dosage varies very much and differs from person to person. However, the dosage should be discussed with a doctor before including it in the routine. A very high dose might affect your health in a negative manner.

Since the pros and cons of taking Garcinia Cambogia supplement have been discussed in great details, it is totally up to you to choose this as a supplement or avoid it. Choosing it would definitely is your discretion and a personal responsibility altogether. Since taking good care of your health lies in your hands. Good luck.

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